This production of The Vagina Monologues has been very challenging. Three rehearsals have been cancelled due to extreme weather conditions but Shawn P. Williams isn’t worried. This is his fourth year presenting The Vagina Monologues.  He’s prepared to handle whatever obstacles he’s presented.  He’s assembled a fantastic cast and he knows they are capable of handling a little adversity.  Survival and triumph over circumstances is what V-Day is about.
Shawn heard about the play several years ago but didn’t give it much thought.  Talking with FrankieDarcell about the ins and outs of domestic violence convinced him to be a part of V-Day.  Shawn says, “The production opens your eyes to women’s issues across the world.”

This year’s production has a large and talented team of women performing.  Many of the ladies have participated in previous years.  Shawn is confident that they will all “bring it” when they hit the stage no matter how many rehearsals he has.

Antionett Davis and Stacey Johnson are two of the women that will grace the stage this year.
Antionett Davis loves to dance, act, and sing as well.  She spends her free time with her family.  She also has lots of fun with her church family. Antionett puts God first in everything she does.

The Vagina Monologues is only Antionette’s second play.  She enjoys being in a amazing production and part of the cast.  She’s looking forward to her performance.  She is thankful for the support of her family and friends.

Stacey Johnson is married and has two young children.  She is a Detroit native, who studied Drama at ML King HS under the direction of Dr. Denise Cotton (Founder of Detroit Performing Arts HS).  She attended Dillard University and pursued a BA in Criminal Justice Administration at Concordia College (Ann Arbor, MI)
She is a retired Inkster Police Officer where she served as a Community Relations/DARE Officer and road patrol officer.
She started Stacey J Productions LLC, November 2011.  She has written, produced, and directed three plays:
  • “A Woman of Courage” 2004
  • “Lovers Of Themselves” December 2011
  • “Consequences” May 2012.
She performed in Frankie Darcell’s March 2010 Production of “Vagina Monologues.”   Her interests are; traveling, cooking, swimming, script consulting, public speaking and writing.  Her influences are radio personality Frankie Darcell , Dr. Denise Cotton and Dr. Sabrina Black.
She is involved in various organizations such as Urban Playwrights United, Anointed Pen Writers, and Girls With Great Potential.
Shawn P. Williams is confident that the ladies will capture your heart and imagination.  The words are very powerful and there is something about this play that unites everyone.  Come see one of the five shows at the 1515 Broadway Theater, March 27 – March 30, 2014.

For tickets or additional information contact Shawn P. Entertainment at 313-433-8384 or ShawnPEntertainment@gmail.com



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Words from Shawn…




Keep Drama in your Life,

Shawn P.


Producer of the Month…Tiffany Thompson

Tiffany M. Thompson is a determined woman who’s always known what she wanted. From an early age she was fascinated with performing; adopting fairy tales and children stories into plays that she would stage for family and through out her middle and high school years.

 After graduating from high school, she pursued a degree in business law, but her love for performing was always there. She starred in local musical productions, and modeling in hair and fashion shows for Barbizon Modeling Agency. While these pursuits were enjoyable and fulfilled some degree of her passion for performing, something was still missing. Tiffany wanted to put her own thoughts and dreams before the public. Always knowing God was faithful, Tiffany cherished her involvement with church productions, where she was able to write, produce and stage her own words. Through these plays Tiffany tried to present works with inspirational and thought provoking content. Tiffany’s current works include: “I Went to the Cross for You”, “After the Storm”, “The Outcome of Judging”, (co-wrote with sister Navada) “Second Chances”,” Spirits In My Bedroom”, and her newest revised piece “Pretty Liar.” Singing is also a love, as she has sung behind Grammy Award Winner Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole of the world renowned Clark Sisters. Tiffany is the owner of Atlantis Theatrical Company and she is driven to create.

Actress of the Month…Annette Jones

Laura Annette Henderson-Jones was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.  Annette (as she is affectionately called) has been a wife to Gilbert Jones for 22 years, a mother of four boys and grandmother of one grandson.  Annette was raised in the church under her grandfather, the late Pastor Robert Henderson of Henderson Temple C.O.G.I.C. now known as Miracle Tabernacle C.O.G.I.C.  Annette is currently the worship leader at New Resurrection Faith Ministries (Detroit) under the pastorate of Bishop Meredith Bussell and music director of the Higher Covenant of Fellowship of Churches.

Annette successfully juggles many roles not only for the Kingdom of God and in her personal life but also in business. She is the CEO of several aspiring kingdom entities: LAHJ Productions host Christian entertainment shows, Symeria Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to assist Diabetics by educating them about the disease and providing medical equipment as needed, and   Special Times Child/Young Adult Care specializes in after-school care for special needs children and adults.

Aside from her God given and driven talents, Annette released her first maxi-single on March 31, 2012 entitled “My S.W.A.G.: Part I” (Sincere Worship Always Glorious).  Annette also hosted a live recording on April 28, 2012 to record her full project “My S.W.A.G.” Annette Jones believes that serving God well is successfully executed by serving God’s people well.  In whatever capacity God chooses to lead her, she keeps the heart of a servant and walks in humility.

For booking information please contact:

Wanda D. Bradford, Divine Connections Managerial Services, 313-623-1339divineconnectionmgmtservice@ymail.com

Actress of the Month…Ulyssa Hancock

Ulyssa Hancock is a beautiful actress, model and voice over talent. Ulyssa was born and raised in Detroit and as a young child was very ambitious both academically and creatively. She showed a strong interest in writing, acting and appeared in many school plays until she decided to concentrate on her scholarly endeavors. A graduate of the esteemed Cass Technical High School, Ulyssa went on to receive a bachelors degree in nursing from Michigan State University and a maste’rs degree in nursing from Wayne State University. Once settled into her career, Ulyssa felt an overwhelming desire to express herself creatively and return to her first two loves of writing and acting.

Ulyssa will have her first dramatic acting role in the web series “A Father’s Pain” which is currently in production. She has been featured in R & B singing sensation Freddy B’s “Another Night” music video as well as rapper Elzhi’s (formerly of Slum Village) music video “Memory Lane.” She has had roles in “Boris Jackson” the web series, worked as an extra in the remake of the movie “Sparkle”,  and has modeled for local magazines and done voice over work for local recording artists.   She is also the host of the upcoming internet based news/entertainment show “Rockcity Spotlight.”  Ulyssa received her acting training from actress/producer/director Lonette McKee and also from actor/producer/director John C. Forman. Ulyssa is continually striving to cultivate her entertainment skills and has aspirations to expand her talents to screenwriting, producing and directing.  Her goal is to one day combine her academic and creative skills to create a medical based dramatic series where she is the starring actress as well as the executive producer.

Ulyssa is an advocate of HIV/AIDS education, safe sex and preventing teen pregnancy. She works closely with “Project Challenge” and “The Horizons Project.” Both are Detroit-based programs that facilitate education, testing, research, medical services and psychosocial support for children and adolescents with HIV/AIDS.

Ulyssa is single and currently lives in a suburb of Detroit with her two children and enjoys reading, writing and kickboxing in her spare time. If interested in her acting, modeling or voice over skills for a production, please e-mail her at Lyssa706@gmail.com.

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Words from Shawn…

The play and concert season is in full swing. I am excited to see new playwrights putting on shows and to see more seasoned playwrights going to the next level. Let’s work harder, support each other, and continue to perfect our craft.

Keep Drama in Your Life,

Shawn P.

Actress of the Month…Bryanna J. Reed

Bryanna J. Reed is a Detroit native and a newcomer to the art of acting. What she loves about acting is the freedom that it gives you to do something that you love. Bryanna also enjoys writing, singing, and dancing and plans on starting her own production company which features film and theater, and television productions. Bryanna’s latest work has included the feature film “Sparkle,” the hit stage play “The Color Black”, V-Day “The Vagina Monologues”, independent film “The Goblin lady”, and the hit Stage play “Shady” which premiered May 5th at The Redford Theatre and The Web series ALIAH.

Actress of the Month…Jala Parks

Jala Parks, born  in New Haven, Connecticut,  grew up between New Haven Connecticut, Bessemer, Alabama (where her mom was from) and Detroit, MI where she now resides.  Jala is an actress, model, and voice over artist. Her film credits include “Bible Stories” by Arthur Jafa, “Studio Games” by Monique Braswell, “Darling Nikki” by Woodard Entertainment / Velocity Films, stage play Auntie Ronnie Goes To School by Shawn P Entertainment,  leading role in the indie short “Scorned”, which made it to the New York Film Festival in 2011 and most recently a supporting role in “Lovers and Friends” which has been accepted into the San Diego Black Film Festival 2011 as well as the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival and is available on dvd at Walmart.com.

Jala has been in entertainment since she was very young. From playing the violin in elementary and middle school, and dancing as a majorette in the marching band of Denby High School in Detroit, but always had the love of acting in her heart. Jala is ready to take the entertainment industry by storm as she has created an online diary to follow her journey as an up and coming actress from the bottom to the top. This diary entitled “D.I.V.A’s WAY” DIVA meaning (Determined, Intelligent, Vivacious, Achiever), which is her motivation as she would like to be an inspiration to others who want to enter the business of acting and don’t know how. The diary will cover all of the steps and resources of submitting actors packages for projects, rehearsing monologues and scripts, footage of audition day, what happens on and off set, movie premiere footage, also events attended for promotion.

There will also be tons of personal footage that most artists would normally edit out of videos, to give them a personal connection. Also there will be an area for question and comments, as well as constructive criticism. D.I.V.A.’s WAY is a personal testament that determination, persistence and hard work can really pave your way to success.  (www.youtube.com/jaladiva)

Producer of the Month…Dennis Reed

Dennis L. Reed II is the author of national best selling books He Said She Said, True Law I&II, I’m from the D and Soak N Wet.  Dennis who is the father of four was raised in Detroit and starting writing late in life but hasn’t looked back.

What started as a bet inspired him to pursue a writing career. After writing his first novel He Said She Said, the national best selling author, knew that writing was going to be the thing he wanted to do. Dennis loves writing because after not knowing what he wanted to be as an adult, he can now be whatever he wanted from a doctor to a lawyer, to a kid with hoop dreams to a man that owns a team. If you had a chance to read any of Dennis books you know his unique style of writing will keep you asking for more. Authors Shannon Holmes and K’wan have said Dennis is one of writings best kept secrets.

If you would have asked Dennis what he wanted to be when he grew up he would have told you he didn’t know, but if you ask him now what he thought he would be doing? He would say hopefully making all of you laugh, cry, and most of all know God is the reason he is able to do all he does.

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Words from Shawn…

Great things are happening in Detroit and around the country in the arts.  Let’s think outside the box! Congrats to Frankie Darcell (The Vagina Monologues) and Vanessa Lynn (Boss Lady) for putting on great productions in March. Thank you to everyone that came out to support and celebrate Lanette White’s birthday celebration on Saturday, April 14 at Fairhill Missionary Baptist Church.

Keep Drama in Your LIfe,

Shawn P.

Actor of the Month…Michael Worthey

Michael J. Worthey is an upcoming young christian comedian who has been amazingly funny all of his life. He started doing stand up at the age of 8. He has performed at many events and churches. His motto “if you aint laughin you aint livin” is exactly how he lives his life. He always has a joke or a way to make you smile or laugh. Michael has performed in the stage play “Favor” where he played the young brother of Pastor Jackson who grew up with a skin disease. He has also been in other local plays. He has an array of talent and skills. Michael is striving to become an architect because he has amazing drawing skills. His number one passion is just making others laugh. He has participated in local talent shows where he has came in first place. There is never a dull moment in his life. He often times gets in trouble at school because of his desire to joke around, but not without getting the teacher to laugh first. Michael has studied some of the most famous comedians to pattern himself after, such as Steve Harvey, Chris Tucker, Rickey Smiley, Tyler Perry and many others just to name a few. He has a strong belief in God due to his upbringing in the church and is a serving member at True Rock Church where Pastor Daryl Redmond is his pastor. Michael will always strive to make sure the will of God is being done on and off stage. He understands that it’s because of God that he is who he is and will not compromise his beliefs for anything. Michael believes his gift will make room for him and he has many gifts such as acting, dancing, drawing, and of course telling jokes and making people laugh. Michael is destined to be what God has called him to be.

Actress of Month…Mecka Michele Worthey

Mecka has worn many hats that include actress, producer, director, and narrator, just to name a few. Mecka joined (GME) Good Medicine Entertainment in 2007 when she was cast in Laugh Now Cry Later II as “Titiana” in the short skit Wedding Bells and cast in the play Favor where she played numerous roles.  Mecka has held the position of drama ministry leader at her church “True Rock Church” under the leadership of Pastor Darryl Redmond for over 5 years where she not only acts but has produced various skits for their annual “Reality House” production where many souls are introduced to Christ. Mecka also writes and produces plays and skits.Mecka has also done many voice overs with her very distinct and unique voice. Mecka was cast in the play Selma and Forgotten Gifts as well as many other plays. Mecka is a graduate from Ferris State University where she received a BS in Advertising. Mecka has a passsion for jewelry and is co-owner of My Michele Beads where she creates custom made beaded jewelry. Mecka has allowed the Lord to use her in drama and can be seen in many upcoming plays.

Producer of the Month…

Ursula O. Robinson

Ursula Oriana Robinson is the Drama Program Coordinator and a Tenured Associate Professor of Drama at South Carolina State University where she cultivates and molds young dreamers into accomplished artists. She is also the Artistic Director of Oriana Rhema Productions (ORP), a comprehensive artistic company that creates tailor-made works of art that heal, entertain, educate, and even set the mind free! Under the artistic direction of Ms. Robinson, ORP has become known as a theater company that goes off the beaten path and produces works that are artistically sound as well fresh and innovative. Ms. Robinson is also chair of the Creative Spiritual Arts Department at Spiritual Foundation Ministries in Orangeburg, South Carolina, where she uses her God-given talents to edify the Body of Christ. This year she was named to the Board of Directors for the Urban Playwrights United, an umbrella organization for urban playwrights and producers. This accomplished artist, is known for her one-woman shows, her hilarious comedy acts , and her prowess as a writer of personalized monologues. Ms. Robinson holds a BA in English, a BA in Theater Arts, and an MFA in Acting. Blessed with the gifts of playwriting, performance, and practically anything artistic, Ms Robinson believes that the arts have the ability to change people’s lives for the better.  Ms. Robinson has been a faculty member of SCSU since 1999. During her tenure she has created wonderful and moving performances that have captivated audiences. She has developed her skill in one-woman performance art pieces beginning with her production, Skinny: One Woman’s Journey to FATTT!. She has been commissioned to write plays for various organizations including the Orangeburg Chief of Police Wendall Davis who asked her to write a play for the annual Gang Awareness Summit. The talented, Ms. Robinson, not only uses her skills to entertain but to educate and motivate. She works with people of all ages and backgrounds to promote the power of art.

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Words from Shawn…

The mild winter has been great and now we’re moving into spring. There are two great productions this month, Boss Lady (Vanessa Lynn) and The Vagina Monologues (Frankie Darcell), both on Sunday, March 25. Get your tickets now! Vanessa and Frankie are just two of the great talents taking theater to the next level in Detroit. Let’s support one another!

Keep Drama in Your Life,


Actor of the Month…Charles Smith, Jr.

Mother Hunter’s grandson…A musical genius at the tender age of 3, Charles Smith, Jr, played “Fur Elise” by Beethoven for an elementary school recital at 7 years old. He’s played organ for some of the countries largest baptist and pentecostal churches since he was 15 years old. The celebrities he’s played for include Jesse Jackson, ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Cece Winans, Kelly Price, and Mary Mary.

Charles Jr., believes in giving back to the community through charitable organizations. He organized concerts for DARE, SADD and the Rainbow Coalition to raise money and awareness.

His 2010 production credits include “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” reaching #11 on the Smooth Jazz Independent Music charts. Charles is serious about his music career. He has invested in his education at the Mike Curb College of Music Business at Belmont University majoring in Studio Production. He has apprenticed under Grammy Award winning studio engineers and songwriters at Belmont. In addition to recording music at The Sony Studios, RCA Studio B, and Ocean Way in Nashville, TN.  

Talent shows have been won, musicals have been directed, celebrities have been accompanied, dues have been paid. It’s time for Charles Smith, Jr., to graduate to the class of the musical geniuses. Grandma would be proud. 

Meet Actor of the Month…David Wells – Made in Detroit

David Wells was born in Louisiana, but growing up in the streets of Detroit is what prepared him for greatness. Wells’ family describes him as being highly favored by God. During his adolescence, his mother told him, that he experienced an accident when he was an infant that almost took his life. After the medical officials arrived he was pronounced dead. However, God brought him back to life. No one could understand how he survived the accident. Wells was too young to remember the incident. Throughout his life, his story of survival gives him a sense of purpose, to share his God-given talents with the world.

Wells attended Cody High School in Detroit. During high school he began writing rhymes and became hip-hop artist, Forbidden Ffroot aka Double F. Wells chose the stage name because forbidden fruit is viewed as admirable, yet untouchable. Admittedly, during his teenage years he encountered many situations that could have taken his life. Instead of participating in the street hustle, Wells used his musical and acting abilities to tell the stories of the Detroit streets and struggles.

David Wells first made an impact in the music industry working with James Terry of Beat Em’ Up Productions on his debut album ‘The Definition’. Terry produced the Detroit street classic ‘I Still Got the Work’ on the album. Platinum producer Jazzy Pha and Grammy Award winning artist Lil John were also featured on the album’s radio hit single, ‘What U Lookin At’. Wells has worked with other hip-hop power players including, Jim Jones, T.I., Devin the Dude, Bad Boy Entertainment, Trina, and the late Shakir Stewart. Wells has a wide array of musical influences some of them include his father, U2, Michael Jackson, Tupac, and Marvin Gaye.

Wells made his acting debut in the 2011 Detroit-based and produced film, ‘Cornerstore’. Initially, he went to the casting call hoping to get his music on the movie’s soundtrack. Wells had no prior acting experience prior to attending the ‘Cornerstore’ casting call and landed a major role in the movie. The movie is about the dramatic situations that occur at a Detroit corner store located on Six Mile Road. Wells played the role of ‘Derrick’ and became a breakout star in the movie. His comedic timing and expressive eyes made him a brilliant casting choice for the film.

Currently, Wells is being mentored by the ‘Cornerstore’ film director Joe Doughrity and Michigan based casting director, Cathy McKee. His future play and film projects include ‘Caught Up’, ‘True Law’, and ‘Love Finds a Way’, to name a few.  

David Wells gives back to the community through his church and other neighborhood based initiatives. He has received awards from a Detroit mayor, as well as, his church.  His future goals include directing, producing, and becoming a humanitarian.


Producer of the Month…Karl King

Karl King like his grandfather Motown great Maurice King has always had a flare for entertainment. Unfortunately not able to sing, play an instrument or even dance he figured his talents would be put to better use behind the scenes. Karl attended Specs Howard School of Broadcasting in order to learn more about radio/television production. After graduating in 1992 he formed Tilted to the Side, Inc, a company that focused on promoting concerts and producing local artist for his short-lived label K-Squared Records. The concert promotions however were a success and he worked with many nationally acclaimed artists such as Dru Hill, Run DMC, Luke and Too Live Crew, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to name a few. In 1998 he produced, directed, and was the on-air talent for a cable access show entitled “The Flip Side” where he interviewed and showcased local talent.

In 2002, on a whim he submittred a comedy skit he had written for “Switchplay TV”, a sketch comedy show that aired on WB/20 and as a result he was asked to join their writing staff.  Within a year, King became head writer for the show. Over the years he has grown as a writer and under the tutelage of Melissa Underwood-Talbot has developed as a director.  Karl King has to his writing credit several magazines, documentaries, rewrites of movie scripts, stage plays, and political speeches. His first children’s book inspired by his 8 year old daughter, Kaylee, is scheduled for publication Spring 2012. Karl is also working on his first novel entitled, Cross Addictions.

As co-founder of Clucked Up Comedy, King has along with his partners produced and promoted one of the most successful stand-up comedy shows in Detroit, and the famed Toledo Funny Bone. The show’s stage has been graced with several local and national comedians such as Reginald “Bruh Man” Ballard, Shang, Damn Fool, Pierre Edwards, and Shawn Harris. His directing credit consists of independent films, music videos, and stage plays. He has written six stage plays since 2010. He co-wrote “He Said, She Said” (2010) and “Cheaters”(2011) with Dennis Reed Jr. both of which Karl co-directed. 

Since Karl is always striving and aspiring to make his own mark, he’s written and executive produced two stage plays “When a Woman Loves” (May 2011) and his most recent work “There Goes the Neighborhood” (2012). “Bianca” adapted from the novel by E. Williams scheduled for 2012, and “Once You Go White” inspired by his friend actress/comedian Thea Vidale (The Thea Show) Spring 2012. He’s currently promoting his next comedy show “Clucked Up Saturday Night”. It hits the stage at “The City” Theater March 24, starring Cocoa Brown from the new Tyler Perry sitcom “For Better or Worse”. His motto- “Actors act, dancers dance, and singers sing, but as a writer/director I give life and animation to all things.”

Book of the Month…Choices 2 – Alter Ego

Trina Crenshaw is a native Detroiter who lives the urban experience. Her passion for life and dedication to young women is the catalyst for “Caramel Candy, Volume 1: Choices” and the most recent release “Choices 2: Alter Ego”.  Choices 1 transports the reader into the life of Carmen Jones aka Caramel Candy, a young woman who loses focus and deviates from her goal.  Once, Carmen was a good girl in college on a scholarship, and then she met some exotic dancers that changed her life forever.  Now known as Caramel Candy, she lives a lifestyle in the fast lane, with new friends, Honey, China, and Ecstasy.  Their lives are filled with non-stop drama.  Robbery, deceit, HIV, murder-suicide, and secrets emerge. 

Caramel Candy continually makes bad choices and is ultimately assaulted and her newborn daughter is kidnapped.  Even though her daughter is pronounced dead and is buried, she still believes in her heart that her daughter, Chanel, is still alive.  In Choices 2 Ecstasy is dead, and Honey is on the run. There are only two girls left, Candy and China, and their Alter Ego’s have taken over.  China aka Sherita, gets released from prison, and is finally getting to know her estranged teenage son Blake who is on a quest for rap super stardom. With Blake’s rise to the top, there is no way China can avoid Young Hustla. He hasn’t forgotten that she set him up to be robbed, and will jump at the chance for revenge.  

Candy, now known as Carmen, is a nurse.  She struggles with demons from the past and is consumed with chasing the ghost of Chanel.  Even though she buried her daughter years ago, she still can’t accept the child’s death.  Carmen continues to search the treacherous streets of Detroit and comes face to face with her attacker.  He let her live once; will she survive this time?

This book series is important because it shows that there is hope in the worst of circumstances.  It also shows that poor choices are tied to harsh consequences while the right choices net positive results.   “I want to encourage women to read my books and think about who they are and who they want to be”.   Although written for women, young men have also thoroughly enjoyed it.  The Choices series is of thought-provoking magnitude.  It captures the attention of the reader from page one, holding a spell-binding grip until the end. These novels are as smart as they are sexy, as sobering as they are poignant.  The Choices series is for any reader who wants to be entertained and inspired.

Author:            Trina Crenshaw

Novel:             Choices 2: Alter Ego

                        Sequel to Caramel Candy vol. 1: Choices

Release Date:  March 1, 2012

Availability:    http://www.caramelcandybooks.com

                        Or contact the author at



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Words from Shawn…

Black History Month 2012! WOW!! Please go out and do SOMETHING great!! Also, if you’re in Detroit consider visiting the Charles H. Wright – the largest museum in this country that emcompasses our history!

Keep Drama in Your Life,

Shawn P.

Actress of the Month…ROSEMARIE WILSON

Rosemarie Wilson a.k.a. One Single Rose is an award-winning poet, writer, advice columnist, singer, actress and a staunch advocate of integrity and fidelity. Since March 2009, the official release of her self-published collection of poetry entitled “One Single Rose…Poetry Blossomed from a Rose Core,” she has been dubbed an inspirational poet. Rosemarie is a Davenport University graduate, four-time National Poetry Award (NPA) nominee, 2010 recipient of the NPA’s New and Upcoming Poet and Poetry Author of the Year awards, two-time Who’s Who in Black Detroit honoree, first place winner of the Detroit Writers’ Guild Paul Laurence Dunbar Poetry Contest and co-host of Manila Bay Cafe’s Lyrical Vibez Experience. Rosemarie has performed nationally and internationally and her poems are included in various anthologies. Her second collection of poetry “One Single Rose Out of Darkness Into Light,” first spoken word CD and erotic chapbook will be released on March 16, 2012 at Manila Bay Cafe (4731 Grand River, Detroit, MI). Also in 2012, she will tour Amsterdam, Belgium and the United States with Wunderbaum, a theater group from the Netherlands (www.wunderbaum.com/detroitdealers1.html). For additional information on One Single Rose, please visit www.onesinglerose.com.

 Producer of the Month…Richard Bass

Richard Bass also known as Rick Allen, was born on August 9, 1980 in Detroit, MI. He has always wanted to entertain people ever since he was a young child. Growing up in Detroit on government assistance Richard always knew he was going to make something out of himself and make a difference for others. He went to Ferris State University in 1998 where he met and married his wife, Tamika Bass. Richard also met quite a few friends while at Ferris. In 2001 Richard and his friend ReNisha Simpkins collaborated and wrote a stage play called “You Ain’t No Different.” This play made Richard realize this is what he wanted to do. The play did well and it was in high demand in returning years later. In 2006, Richard wrote his first solo production entitled “The Love of My Life” which was later changed to “Entangled.” This production did well with those who came to see it. He then traveled to two universities with his production. The show was well-received and people were able to walk away feeling a little more confident than before. However it was not until the early part of 2010 that Richard got serious about making this a lifelong project. Richard began brainstorming on how to open up his own production company which is now known as Chosen One Productions. He is excited and hopes you are excited about what’s to come for his company.

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Shawn About Town and the Country

The Streets Are Talking….

Dear Mr. Williams,

I truly, truly enjoy your very inspiring and entertaining newsletter!  I commend you on doing such a good job!!!  BRAVO!  I would love to meet you.  I am the president of, The Called and Ready Writers here in Detroit, MI.  Our founder is, Minister Mary Edwards.  Please visit our website:  www.thecalledandreadywriters.org .  It would be so wonderful to work together someway.  Let’s pray about it.

Wanda J. Burnside, CRW President

** Shawn I wish u had told me about ur monologues in March. I have written a great monologue for one of my actors and she’s really good at it brother you will even cry. It’s was written for her in my play The Straw Women. As soon as I get it on DVD I will send it to u. Love ur work Shawn u r doing such a great job. After I’m done with my book, I’m sending you a big fat ad! (Izola Bird)
** You doing it Shawn. Keep up the good work, and Happy New Year. Peace Mo Master (Morris Porter)

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