To contact Shawn P Entertainment call 313-433-8384 or leave a comment below.






9 Responses to “Contact”

    1. Donna Says:

      I would like info or a flyer on the gospel play “Mother Church” to be held at the International Institute on May 6. Thanks

  1. Izola Bird Says:

    Hi, Shawn. My friend Wanda Burnside told me about you. I am the author of The three books, my most recent, The Witch Who Stoel My Husband…and the Mother-in-law who helped. This is a long time coming, because I am looking for someone to produce my stage play for me. I wrote a stage play (gospel) entitled, The Straw Women Who Made Bricks. I would like to send you a copy by email. I have copyrights on the script and I am regrister with WGA…Writer Guild of America. I need someone to believe in my work.

  2. Izola Bird Says:

    I am so sorry, The title of my book is The Witch Who Stole…I made a mistake with the spelling. My hand hit the keys to face before I knew it I had it the submit button.z

  3. Izola Bird Says:

    Hi Shawn I really need to talk to you about putting on my stage play entitled, The Straw Women Who Made Bricks. I would like to send you a copy of the script. I have copyrights and I am with WGA. My phone number is 574.440.7796

  4. Hello Shawn,

    Do you accept poetry?

    Thank you!

  5. Ruthea Taylor Says:

    Hi Shawn
    It has been long time since I have been to
    one of your productions. But I will be at
    Mother’s Church in May. Keep me in the loop.
    Haven’t seen you at the meeting lately.
    keep up the good work & let God be with all of us.


  6. Hello, my name is Jamal Wheeler. I am a local Business owner. I stumbled across your business card. When I saw it I knew my company would be perfect for you!

    My company is called We are a national provider of marketing/promotions through cellphones. With our service – you will be able to advertise/promote your business DIRECTLY into cellphones! NO other advertisements are allowed – just yours. YOU are in control of what you send and how often you send it. Fans simply text a special keyword about your band (say, Gospel or Play) to our 6-digit keycode (368638) and then you can immediately start sending them information on any deals, discounts, or upcoming events you have. Tell them directly through their cellphones about your upcoming events,”The WhiteOut” or “Bless the Mic”! Insert the keyword & keycode directly into your existing advertisements. Bring in new fans or promoters easier. No more wasted flyers or business cards! Our service is like a mobile-flyer/business card!

    Plus, our service comes with an AppCreator – which means you can create an App (the same Apps people use on their I-Phones & Smartphones) to further show off your business. Your fans (& potential fans) will be able to see what you do best… Right through their I-Phones/Smartphones! When you send out your advertisement there is a link in it that lets I-Phone & Smartphones users go directly to your new Business App.

    The Activation fee is $50 and after that the charge is $25/month — For unlimited SMS Text Advertising AND an AppCreator to visually show-off your performances or locations — right inside a device that everyone you know has! People don’t carry billboards or commercials, or even flyers around with them all day… they do carry their cellphones! Reach them easier and watch business grow!

    If you get a chance, check out the website,, or if you have any questions e-mail us or call me at 313-434-1489.

    Thanks for your time. Good luck with business!


    Jamal Wheeler

  7. Dorothy Says:

    Are there any upcoming auditions? If so, please provide me with any information regarding dates, location and time. Thank you.

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