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Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my 41st birthday at Fair Hill Baptist Church and the Detroit Princess. As you can see from the above pix, I had a good time surrounded by friends and family (from left to right: producer, Danny Pitts; actress, Niseiki McFerren; actress, Shirley Rayford and actor, Rodney D. Story). Check out my friends Raquel Draper, Rodney D. Story, Sylvia Hubbard, and Octavia Lesley on the midnight cruise. 

WOW!! Another year! 2012!!  Set new goals. Handle your business. Dare to go to the next level.  Aim higher. Reach for the top. Never quit. Work wiser. Please email shawnp_entertainment@yahoo.com, call me at (313) 433-8384 or Facebook me at Shawn P Entertainment for fund-raising opportunities and auditions.

Keep Drama in Your Life,

Shawn P.


Em – born Emily Lewis-Johnson on April 24, 1988, has always been an aspiration to her family. At age 3, when she began to sing, her mother used audio cassettes to record her. Joining the Trinity Memorial Missionary Baptist Church choir at age 6, Emily held the soprano range and was nervous at times but always gave her best. Ten years later, Emily is still singing, but in 2nd soprano-alto range. She also picked up a little acting on the side. Playing the role of Mary, mother of Jesus in a nativity play at Trinity Memorial MBC, she pierced the hearts of the audience which stimulated a standing ovation and tears of joy from her humble performance. Recently, she has portrayed an English woman, including the accent, who became a news reporter in America as a midterm project in her Business Communications class, taught by Professor D. Moore. Receiving an “A” for her outstanding performance, she was encouraged to contact Shawn P of Shawn P Entertainment for casting opportunities. Now at age 21, Emily still holds the goal of one day becoming an actress, singer, dancer, and an all around performer because it is what she loves to do!

Nakia McCarty aka Nix is no stranger to the stage. She has been a performer since the age of 3. As she grew older her love for the arts also grew. Thoughout the years Nix became a member of the following groups: The Detroit Choir & Youth Corale (Dr. Cass Hudson), The Detroit Coucil Of The Arts (Mr. Clyde Harper), Gospel Music Workshop of America (the late Rev. James Cleavland),and Rev. D. Haddon & Voices of Unity.

Nix also began her own signing group (God’s Loving Angels). Nix takes pride in giving back to the commuity. She was a student teacher at Detroit’s Murray Wright High School, which gave her the push she needed to start a dance troop for local churches & recreation centers. She has shared the stage with an array of great actors, singers and dancers such as Ozzie Davis, Ruby Dee, Sherman Hemsley, Billy Dee Williams,Vanessa Bell Armstrong,Charlie Wilson, Gregery Hines, Henson, Kim Witley,John Hinton,Lisa Raye, and many others. Nix has toured nationally with many musical stage productions that include Purlie Victorious, A Mid-Summmer Night’s Dream, Special is About to happen, If These Hips Could Talk, and Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys.

With an insatiable appetite for the stage she has learned to make herself invaluable to this world by learning every joint that makes the theater body move. From ticket taking to running the light board, Nix is a creative singer, actress, dancer, and all around performer!

Erica N. Williams was born in Mission Hills Ca, and raised in Saginaw Michigan. Erica is the daughter of Deborah and the late Willie Williams, Sr. Erica has been acting since the age of six. Since coming to Lansing in 2006, Erica has starred in the Greater Lansing Women’s Center Vagina Monologues, Capital Area Performers “What Would Jesus Do”, and Riverwalk Theatre “Tribute to the Black Theatre 2 and Living The Dreams Of My Ancestors and Fountain Productions “Calvary”. Erica enjoys volunteering, going to church, acting and hanging with family and friends. Erica is a member of Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc, Top Ladies of Distinction Inc, NAACP, National Council of Negro Women and many more.

Danielle “Dannie Jae” Jeter (Keisha Rivers) is excited to be gracing a Detroit stage once again. Danielle is a native of Detroit but resides in Lansing, MI where she has obtained most of her experience through The Michigan State University (currently studies theater) and Lansing Community Theater Departments. Some of Dannie’s favorite shows include No Where To Hide, The Story, A Raisin in the Sun, Hair, and The Wiz. Danielle would like to thank her mother and oldest brother for their love and support along with the rest of her family and friends for their commitment to seeing her through to success, and for just being wonderful. “I recognize that I am truly blessed to have such great people in my life.”
Kim Noble is a Detroit native and mother of three. Her passion is acting, modeling, and singing. In 2005 she received a certificate from the Repertory Theatre and again in 2010 for her performance in the Breakfast Special where she received a positive review. Now that both of her sons are in college she is looking forward to really pursuing her passions. Her place of worship is Renaissance Unity Church in Warren, MI.
Verlycia J. Douglas was born July 26, 1978 in Detroit, Michigan to a two-parent home that already had two young sons, Verlycia became the last and only female child that her parents had long awaited. As a young child she participated in many school art fairs and poetry competitions. Her mother raising her in church also felt it important for her to participate in the youth choir. However, she gravitated to the written word to express typical childhood frustrations. It was not until her first year of college, at Wayne State University, did she decide to take voice lessons as an extracurricular course. It was there that Verlycia discovered that she could do more than just carry a tune but had a God-given talent. This opened her eyes to the value of her poetry as not just spoken word but also lyrics. In 1997, she began to audition for every talent show and competition she could find in the Metro Detroit Area. It was at this time that she began to explore other talents such as acting and playwright. Since this time Verlycia has participated in such plays as “Love Lifted Me”, “Deranged” and several other local church plays.
Kimberly Wray-Norman has been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of several local community theatrical productions (i.e. Matrix Theatre & Company, Director’s Dream Production, Link4Productions, EmmasChild Production, Shii Productions and Shawn P. Entertainment). She’s worked alongside numerous talented individuals. During her pursuit of knowledge and experience, Kimberly has appeared in a film, a radio play, several stage plays and actively participated in a script playwriting circle. She gives thanks to GOD for all who believe, encourage and supports her.
Olvin Toylise Pettway was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. She comes from a family of five. She is the oldest of three children and the first in her family to achieve education beyond high school. Olvin graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2003 and received her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in psychology. Currently, Olvin attends New Breed School of Ministry. Olvin is also a graduate student, attending Walsh College, in pursuit of a Master of Business Administration degree.

Olvin’s acting work includes a small role in Alpha Omega skits, as well as a small role in New Breed Drama department. Her professional work and volunteer experiences spans over 15 years, including liaison services, managing staff, facilitating meetings, coordinating services, and teaching seminars. Olvin empowers individuals on a daily basis to be integral contributors in their community, while addressing barriers (i.e. housing, lack of child care, lack of transportation, and etc…) that could hinder their successful reintegration into the workforce. In addition, Olvin has obtained honors such as the National Dean’s List, Gold Medallion Award for Outstanding Leadership and Services, and Community Volunteer Service Award Programs.

Olvin is a member of Alpha Omega Collegiate Ministries. Olvin is aspiring to become a great actress!

Rhonda Beverly has appeared in several plays and movies. The stage productions have included: The Man with the Seven Wives, Don’t Let the Green Grass Fool You, I Won’t Complain, and The Big Nativity Case. Short films appearances include: The Hit, The Pack, and Allure. A tv series : Bosses 313 . Theater movies include Heat of Passion Rush of Blood, Beneath and My Step Kids. Rhonda is currently working in a new movie: Love and Blood Don’t Mix and the hit play back by popular demand, I’ve Been Through 2 Much Already.



Red started his comedy career in a Detroit based comedy club (CoCo’s House of Comedy) in October of 1998. Since his first performance on stage Red has matured into one of the most realistic comedians in the circuit today. Taking his outlook and spin on real life and putting it to jokes, Red will have you doubled over in your seat with laughter. Like all of us, Red (husband and father), has had obstacles to overcome in comedy as well as in “everyday” life but he has found a way to take obstacles and turn them into milestones His enthusiasm and positivity is not only reflected on stage but exudes into every aspect of his life.

There’s not a person Red encounters that is not touched by his positive and humorous outlook on life. If you are in a bad mood Red has a way of always getting that giggle out of you, sometimes before you even realize it your mood is uplifted instantly. Like they say laughter is medicine for the soul. So, Red is not just a comedian he is a doctor for the soul, a comediologist, —if you will. Red is one chosen to bring a smile to your face. So why not enjoy one of God’s greatest gifts (laughter) and book Red for your next event.

Red is capable of hosting, featuring and headlining comedy shows. He performs clean, as well as, adult comedy and will travel if accommodations are provided. Keeping true to his motto, “No show to big or small” Red knows how to deliver that knock out comedy punch to any type of crowd leaving them wanting more.


Melissa Talbot is a simple yet complex person. She’s a multi-talented director, producer, and graphic designer. As general manager of Okane Media Group she has overseen many projects locally and nationally including film, television, books, magazines and other forms of mass media. She is mostly known for her role as director/producer of SwitchplayTV, which was one of the longest running and highest rated independent shows on the WB, which has birthed a hilarious improv sketch comedy live show “Switchplay Live” garnering much success over the past 8 years. Melissa has also been involved with sell out productions “HE SAID, SHE SAID” and “CHEATERS” written by Dennis L Reed II, co-written by Karl King and “WHEN A WOMAN LOVES” written by Karl King.

Melissa is a modest woman and her first rule is never to bad mouth anyone in business, but believes the work speaks for itself so without a single utterance you live or die by your own commitment. The thing that she is most grateful for is her “TEAM” without them none of this would be possible. She is totally committed to each and every project and gives 110% or nothing at all. Though she has made many accomplishments in her career, if asked she’ll tell you her greatest achievement was changing from where she was to who she is today. A loving wife, mother, friend and business woman…and never losing perspective of the importance of each. She personally would like to thank everyone for their continuous support in all of her endeavors and would like to ask everyone for a favor…”SMILE, EVEN WHEN YOU FEEL YOU HAVE NO REASON” and “LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST”!! God Bless Everyone!! Melissa Talbot is a director, producer, loving wife, involved mother, and she’s one of the people in your neighborhood.

Danny Pitts was born on the eastside of a small village in Montana. Danny began writing at the age of three when his mother would leave him alone in their three bedroom log cabin. To keep busy he would tell stories to the woodland creatures and various ghosts that would visit him in the night. At age ten, Danny and his family traveled across country to Detroit, Michigan in search of better employment. He soon met Juanita, who shortly after became his wife. Danny’s fable telling turned into writing.

Danny continued to write songs and speeches for friends and family, but didn’t consider playwriting until he joined True Rock Church and became a writer for the drama ministry. After a few years of writing for the church, Danny decided to develop his own production company. He asked GOD to lead him to someone he can learn from and that’s when he met Shawn Williams. Through Shawn he has been exposed to a host of talented producers, writers and actors. Danny feels truly blessed to be in the company of this group of young professionals. He hopes to learn much from them and offer some advice from his own experiences.

Orna-Charece Jones hails from the city of Southfield, Michigan, and earned the title of Miss Tennessee State University in the year 2007-2008. That same year she obtained the title of Miss National Black College Alumni Hall of Fame making her the “Queen of Queens” for Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the third from Tennessee State University and the FIRST from the state of Michigan.

Majoring in Foreign Language with a concentration in Spanish with an accompanying minor in Speech Communications and Theater, she maintained a 3.9 grade point average and graduated Summa Cum Laude May 2008 from Tennessee State University. Orna takes advantage of any opportunity to learn. She believes it is important to be well-versed in several areas of expertise in order to obtain experience and possibly open doors to other fields of interest. Since graduating, she has been actively pursuing her dreams of becoming a playwright through her musical productions Daughters of Deception & The Girl Who Cried Love. She is currently a substitute teacher, a swim instructor at Gold Fish Swim School and is also working on her teacher certification at Eastern Michigan University.

The one thing she hopes to accomplish more than anything in her life is to be remembered, she believes that “the closest thing to eternity is when your memory lives on for you”. Orna would like to leave behind a legacy that transfers her LOVE for the community and dedication to the development of insightful minds to her future students, who will in turn change the world.






Lesson in the Arts by Ruben Wilson

Why conference??

Two reasons for producing a book , play, or film:(1) get your message out, (2) get money to come in –m&m”s (message & money)  Tired of attending conferences and only meeting other interesting artists who aren’t selling a lot or getting their message out?  Do you wish to expand your message & sales beyond close friends and family?

 It is a shame for so much creativity to go unnoticed.   Hence, here’s an unsolicited thought. The more cooperation the more success. Even the best could benefit from community support.  Your competition comes from small towns and large cities all around America. As a united army you will realize m&m ( message out / money in).

 If every author, publisher, artist, playwright, and film producer brought in (10) friends, family, church, work, school, and other organizations to each conference your m&m would grow.

 By helping the community, the community helps you get your message out and money to come in. Your contacts have supported your product, so when your contacts come they will buy my product and my contacts will buy your products.

 This is not Sylvia, Tracie & Audra, Herb, Aurora, or Janaya‘s job or I-got-to-get-mine thang. You are the marketing & public relations department. By continuing to support only those that you like you risk increasing conference apathy and anxiety, every author for themselves, and divided we fall.

 Moral of the story — SUPPORT EACH OTHER

 Literary Yours,


 The Streets are Talking…

* Hello Mr. Shawn P. Thanks for the information regarding your work. We are very interested in working with you! When u have a moment out of your busy schedule can we please set a meeting date? Would love for you to host a fund raiser event for us! Sorry we could not attend your birthday party. Hope everything turned out fine. Sure you will continue to be blessed with many more! Looking forward to working with you soon! (LoTanya Dortch)

* Continued successes and BIG blessings (Ruben Gordon)

* SHAWN, thank you for the information..it was very interesting speaking with you at the International. Thank you for even offering to do a fundraiser for me as I work towards making “THE POSITIVE CHANGE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE I AM ELECTED TO SERVE” PLEASE LETS SIT DOWN AND TALK. (Toni Adams, Community Activist)

 * Happy Birthday! (Willie Lockett)

* I have a website radio station check it out! www.katsentertainment.com

* Well, I hope you had an outstanding day I always have a good time with you. (Robert Fish)

* Hey Shawn,

I think you should get it touch with Michelle my niece because she is organizing for Detroit. I see on Facebook that you and her have several mutual friends. You should contact her. She is hosting a parade for their sub division this June. See what happens. Take care and we miss you. (Toni M Christmas)

* I see you homie!! Newsletter looking good! (DJBabe)

* We saw a very good goespel play this evening at the Northwest Activity Center. Prayer Still Works by Angela Naylor. Please keep me posted on any of your plays also. (Sharold Lewis)

* Keep Doing It Big Bro!!! Looking out anyway I can. (Michael Sears)

 * Thank Shawn I will be placing another ad this month. (Izola Bird)

* Hey Shawn,

I see the baby is getting big. The CornerStore was a great movie. I got a chance to talk to Joe at a forum he hosted about how to film a low budget movie in Detroit. Shawn, my play will be in December 2011 at my church. I will have a date soon. I’d like to be featured in your newsletter in November if it’s ok. I will have a flyer ready for advertisement. I’m not sure if you can squeeze me in, but I would appreciate it dearly. (Stacey J.)

* Shawn,

 OMG! Your son is absolutely adorable. He’s growing so fast. Good looking family. Thanks for sending the picture. Continued Blessings. (Kim McKissack)


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