Shawn P and his church family playing Phase 10

 WORDS FROM THE SHAWN P…. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! To all the people who came out to the play “I’m N Love with a Stripper” I am so glad that people really enjoyed that play. I want to thank all the artists who contributed their talents for the Gospel Summer Jam 1. Also thanks to Octavia Lesley and her company for putting on a great production “Sisters of the Word.” More plays coming this fall and let’s support one another. 

 Keep Drama In Your Life! 



Actress and Professional Dancer

Dance has been deeply rooted in Kandice Thomas, President and CEO of Step in Time Dance Company, since the early years of her life.  Kandice began by ministering to others during Christmas programs for day care centers and churches.  She moved on to teach hustle/line dancing, belly dance, ballroom, salsa, abs & core, creative movement, hip-hop, and mime.  She debuted in her first stage play, “Step in the Name of Love” and anticipates to continue her journey of performing for others and displaying the significance of dance as an art-form.


Daris W. Bass was always meant to be an actor, just ask his family.  Since the time he could walk and talk, he has been in front of people performing; a song, a play, or performing on a musical instrument, you name it.  It just seemed to come natural to him as he truly enjoys entertaining people. As early as elementary school Daris had an open fascination and a hunger for the arts. 

He began to harness that craft by participating in various community theater productions as well as joining the North Star Theater Organization.  Daris is also a member of the Gospel Zone improvisation team as well as performing musically on percussion for various artist and groups.  Daris has been featured in several theater productions, most recently in I Told The Storm and “If You Don’t Want It, Don’t Ask For It: The Confessions Of A Married Man.”   

Daris is currently pursuing a degree in computers and electronics at Everest Institute as well as Sieana Heights University. He believes it is the smart, gifted, and determined actor, who knows how to best focus their energies and use their talents, that has the best chance of succeeding.  So, in his own words “I’m just trying to be seen and heard along with thousands of other actors out there.  I’m learning how to come to the forefront!!!” 


Written and Directed by Vince Rut









God loves you and so do I,  Have a great day!!!

– Tanya Davis 


Shawn, I will keep praying for you, I am so happy to see what GOD is doing for you!! WOW and this is just the beginning…. Don’t forget me when you get on the real big screen..we need to hook up for real, I want to sing in one of your plays!!!!  It is my life dream to do that.. so maybe GOD has opened a door.. Be blessed and if It is GOD’s will I can’t wait to see this production. 

– Tynina Washington