Words from Shawn…

The play and concert season is in full swing. I am excited to see new playwrights putting on shows and to see more seasoned playwrights going to the next level. Let’s work harder, support each other, and continue to perfect our craft.

Keep Drama in Your Life,

Shawn P.

Actress of the Month…Bryanna J. Reed

Bryanna J. Reed is a Detroit native and a newcomer to the art of acting. What she loves about acting is the freedom that it gives you to do something that you love. Bryanna also enjoys writing, singing, and dancing and plans on starting her own production company which features film and theater, and television productions. Bryanna’s latest work has included the feature film “Sparkle,” the hit stage play “The Color Black”, V-Day “The Vagina Monologues”, independent film “The Goblin lady”, and the hit Stage play “Shady” which premiered May 5th at The Redford Theatre and The Web series ALIAH.

Actress of the Month…Jala Parks

Jala Parks, born  in New Haven, Connecticut,  grew up between New Haven Connecticut, Bessemer, Alabama (where her mom was from) and Detroit, MI where she now resides.  Jala is an actress, model, and voice over artist. Her film credits include “Bible Stories” by Arthur Jafa, “Studio Games” by Monique Braswell, “Darling Nikki” by Woodard Entertainment / Velocity Films, stage play Auntie Ronnie Goes To School by Shawn P Entertainment,  leading role in the indie short “Scorned”, which made it to the New York Film Festival in 2011 and most recently a supporting role in “Lovers and Friends” which has been accepted into the San Diego Black Film Festival 2011 as well as the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival and is available on dvd at Walmart.com.

Jala has been in entertainment since she was very young. From playing the violin in elementary and middle school, and dancing as a majorette in the marching band of Denby High School in Detroit, but always had the love of acting in her heart. Jala is ready to take the entertainment industry by storm as she has created an online diary to follow her journey as an up and coming actress from the bottom to the top. This diary entitled “D.I.V.A’s WAY” DIVA meaning (Determined, Intelligent, Vivacious, Achiever), which is her motivation as she would like to be an inspiration to others who want to enter the business of acting and don’t know how. The diary will cover all of the steps and resources of submitting actors packages for projects, rehearsing monologues and scripts, footage of audition day, what happens on and off set, movie premiere footage, also events attended for promotion.

There will also be tons of personal footage that most artists would normally edit out of videos, to give them a personal connection. Also there will be an area for question and comments, as well as constructive criticism. D.I.V.A.’s WAY is a personal testament that determination, persistence and hard work can really pave your way to success.  (www.youtube.com/jaladiva)

Producer of the Month…Dennis Reed

Dennis L. Reed II is the author of national best selling books He Said She Said, True Law I&II, I’m from the D and Soak N Wet.  Dennis who is the father of four was raised in Detroit and starting writing late in life but hasn’t looked back.

What started as a bet inspired him to pursue a writing career. After writing his first novel He Said She Said, the national best selling author, knew that writing was going to be the thing he wanted to do. Dennis loves writing because after not knowing what he wanted to be as an adult, he can now be whatever he wanted from a doctor to a lawyer, to a kid with hoop dreams to a man that owns a team. If you had a chance to read any of Dennis books you know his unique style of writing will keep you asking for more. Authors Shannon Holmes and K’wan have said Dennis is one of writings best kept secrets.

If you would have asked Dennis what he wanted to be when he grew up he would have told you he didn’t know, but if you ask him now what he thought he would be doing? He would say hopefully making all of you laugh, cry, and most of all know God is the reason he is able to do all he does.

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