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Black History Month 2012! WOW!! Please go out and do SOMETHING great!! Also, if you’re in Detroit consider visiting the Charles H. Wright – the largest museum in this country that emcompasses our history!

Keep Drama in Your Life,

Shawn P.

Actress of the Month…ROSEMARIE WILSON

Rosemarie Wilson a.k.a. One Single Rose is an award-winning poet, writer, advice columnist, singer, actress and a staunch advocate of integrity and fidelity. Since March 2009, the official release of her self-published collection of poetry entitled “One Single Rose…Poetry Blossomed from a Rose Core,” she has been dubbed an inspirational poet. Rosemarie is a Davenport University graduate, four-time National Poetry Award (NPA) nominee, 2010 recipient of the NPA’s New and Upcoming Poet and Poetry Author of the Year awards, two-time Who’s Who in Black Detroit honoree, first place winner of the Detroit Writers’ Guild Paul Laurence Dunbar Poetry Contest and co-host of Manila Bay Cafe’s Lyrical Vibez Experience. Rosemarie has performed nationally and internationally and her poems are included in various anthologies. Her second collection of poetry “One Single Rose Out of Darkness Into Light,” first spoken word CD and erotic chapbook will be released on March 16, 2012 at Manila Bay Cafe (4731 Grand River, Detroit, MI). Also in 2012, she will tour Amsterdam, Belgium and the United States with Wunderbaum, a theater group from the Netherlands (www.wunderbaum.com/detroitdealers1.html). For additional information on One Single Rose, please visit www.onesinglerose.com.

 Producer of the Month…Richard Bass

Richard Bass also known as Rick Allen, was born on August 9, 1980 in Detroit, MI. He has always wanted to entertain people ever since he was a young child. Growing up in Detroit on government assistance Richard always knew he was going to make something out of himself and make a difference for others. He went to Ferris State University in 1998 where he met and married his wife, Tamika Bass. Richard also met quite a few friends while at Ferris. In 2001 Richard and his friend ReNisha Simpkins collaborated and wrote a stage play called “You Ain’t No Different.” This play made Richard realize this is what he wanted to do. The play did well and it was in high demand in returning years later. In 2006, Richard wrote his first solo production entitled “The Love of My Life” which was later changed to “Entangled.” This production did well with those who came to see it. He then traveled to two universities with his production. The show was well-received and people were able to walk away feeling a little more confident than before. However it was not until the early part of 2010 that Richard got serious about making this a lifelong project. Richard began brainstorming on how to open up his own production company which is now known as Chosen One Productions. He is excited and hopes you are excited about what’s to come for his company.

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Shawn About Town and the Country

The Streets Are Talking….

Dear Mr. Williams,

I truly, truly enjoy your very inspiring and entertaining newsletter!  I commend you on doing such a good job!!!  BRAVO!  I would love to meet you.  I am the president of, The Called and Ready Writers here in Detroit, MI.  Our founder is, Minister Mary Edwards.  Please visit our website:  www.thecalledandreadywriters.org .  It would be so wonderful to work together someway.  Let’s pray about it.

Wanda J. Burnside, CRW President

** Shawn I wish u had told me about ur monologues in March. I have written a great monologue for one of my actors and she’s really good at it brother you will even cry. It’s was written for her in my play The Straw Women. As soon as I get it on DVD I will send it to u. Love ur work Shawn u r doing such a great job. After I’m done with my book, I’m sending you a big fat ad! (Izola Bird)
** You doing it Shawn. Keep up the good work, and Happy New Year. Peace Mo Master (Morris Porter)