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Shawn P and author, Angela Hairston

The fall season is in full gear.  Please go out and support a play or event.
Shawn P.
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Actor of the Month…Cristen G. Adams

 Cristen Gerald Adams (born Cristen Brent Gerald Swanson on February 26, 1986 in Detroit, MI), also known as Rocket, is an actor, stand-up comedian, writer, vocalist, future radio personality, & co-CEO of Extreme Action Entertainment alongside performer Freddie Blaqe. A former member of One Source Talent, Adams is also an alumni of Specs Howard School of Media Arts for radio broadcasting. Adams has completed 3 independent films, and is currently working on 4th  entitled “The Goblin Lady” with actors Giles Key, Eric Palmer, Trono Hudgins, Javon Anderson, Carl Hale, and many others. Adams is also casted for another film project called “Lucky”.

Adams appeared in  3 stage plays at Oakland Community College in Farmington Hills for directors Diane Hill & Dennis North. He recently finished his 5th play “The Choices I’ve Made” for John Mayes & Rob Mitchell III. This summer he was featured in “Situations” for Mitchell.  His most recent appearance was in “Boss Lady” for writer/producer/director Vanessa Lynn. Rocket is also developing a comic book series starring himself and his alter-ego. He has also appeared in his very first murder mystery dinner play “Next Of Kin” directed & produced by Shevonne ‘Shevy’ Jones. Adams on coming up w/ the nickname Rocket: “It’s more than just a nickname. It’s a title. It describes me, my life, and my career taking off to newer heights.”

As a child, Rocket was funny from the first day he first spoke. He always loved being the center of attention, despite shyness and anxiety at times. While watching Def Comedy Jam & BET’s ComicView during the 90s, Rocket decided to pursue stand-up comedy. He made his comedic debut at Joey’s Comedy Club on July 7, 2008. Adams has done play acting throughout his childhood, performing at school & churches while humoring and entertaining various crowds.  

Adams is a native Michigander and a huge fan of sports, video games, movies, martial arts, stand-up comedy, music, and life itself. Rocket also enjoys walks, bike rides, getting into shape, bars, clubs, events, reading, writing jokes, and many other things to keep himself occupied. A happily single young man, the sky-high air force Cristen ‘Rocket’ Adams will continue to ‘take off’ like never before & make all his dreams come true.


Actress of the Month…Stacey Johnson

Wife, mother of two and retired police officer, Stacey Shannon Johnson began studying theatre at Martin Luther King HS under the direction of Dr. Denise Darcell Davis Cotton.  She attended a playwright’s guild at the Attic Theatre while in high school.  In 2004, she wrote and produced a play “A Woman of Courage” at her church. She is currently working on her next gospel play to be produced in fall 2011. 

She was in the Production of Vagina Monologues (Reclaiming Cunt and Woman #4) produced by Shawn P and Frankie Darcell radio host.  Stacey loves acting and writing and her hobbies are traveling and cooking. 


Producer of the Month…Benjamin Williams

Benjamin John Williams is an alumnus of The Bonstelle Theatre Company with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts (Summa Cum Laude) in Theatre from Wayne State University. At Wayne, Benjamin experienced opportunities to study Classical Theatre in Spetes, Greece and the Stanislavski System of Acting in Moscow, Russia. Benjamin was also a recipient of many awards and accolades for his theatrical community outreach endeavors, including the Lily Tomlin Scholarship and the Betterment of the Detroit Community through the Arts Fund. His original play Big Moves, written during Benjamin’s tenure at WSU was the 1st place winner of the 2011 Louise Heck-Rabi Playwriting Competition.

 In undergrad, Benjamin developed his passion as an artistic community leader. Benjamin is strongly committed to building a rapport among the Detroit artistic community and young artists. This is prevalent in his work as a Teaching Artist for the Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, and his work as Director of Education Programming with The Arts League of Michigan.

 His other great passion is formatting arts and multi-media as mediums for social and educational development.  This is evident in his work as Director of Theatrical Outreach Programming for the organization: People Mover Productions; his work as a Detroit playwright, his research endeavor: Stanislavski’s System of Acting as Applied Theatre for Youth Empowerment; and his newly founded theatrical organization: ThinkUP Theatre.

 As a vocalist, Benjamin has studied with Frances Brockington in Detroit, Judith Kellock and Ric Ryder in New York, and Marina Smirnova in Moscow, Russia. Benjamin has been fortunate to share the stage with recognized artists Al Green, Pete Seeger, and Sweet Honey in the Rock.

 In film and Television, Benjamin has worked on set of the Major Motion Pictures “Real Steel” starring Hugh Jackman and directed by Shawn Levy, “Restitution” directed by Lance Kawas, “Detroit 187” for ABC Studios, Industrial Films for Wayne State University, and he can currently be seen in a national campaign for “5 Hour Energy Shot”.   

 Benjamin states that his “rooted life goal is to launch multi-media outreach initiatives that focus on the revitalization of Detroit’s social and artistic culture; then have these initiatives become staples of cultivation for Detroit’s often overlooked potential”.  To reach Benjamin, send an email to benjaminwilliams1@hotmail.com  or visit his website: www.benjaminjohnwilliams.com.



Author of the Month…Angela Hairston

Permanently Etched In My Heart is the first book released under Highland Park Publishing written by author Angela Hairston.  It’s an urban legend love story from the streets of a small city in the heart of Detroit, Michigan known as the city of Highland Park.   The main character, Selena Wright, is a stunning young lady that grew up in a city as it became plagued by gangs, drugs, and political corruption.  Despite the trials and tribulations of growing up in the hood she fell in love with one of the city’s biggest drug dealer.  A trail of sex, drugs, murder, and mayhem follows Selena and an intriguing group of colorful characters through this journey.

 The author Angela Hairston grew up in the city of Highland Park, Michigan and graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy with duel degrees. Writing has always been a passion of hers that she only considered a hobby until a niece stumbled across her writings and encouraged her to share them with the world.  In 2009, she made her publishing debut as one of the premier authors in “Cosmos Anthology 2010”, published by 3-Queens Publications, which introduced an excerpt from her second installment of books, “Karma Is A Bitch.”  She is presently residing in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia with her family where she is working on establishing a career as an author and publisher under her company Highland Park Publishing.   

 Ms. Hairston has five other books to follow: Karma Is A Bitch and Karma is a Bitch 2 both are epic tales of how one’s past can affect the future.  Hoe Know Your Place is the handbook that most parents don’t teach their daughters about relationships with men.  Richard Doe is a murder mystery about a male serial killer.  Yana’s Tale explores the journey of a young lady trying to escape the harsh obstacles found in an entire city.  She is also working on a nine book series named “Lynn’s Chronicles” which explores a woman’s erotic tales on her journey to finding Mr. Right.

Information on contacting author and purchasing Permanently Etched In My Heart and future titles can be found on publisher’s website: www.highlandparkpublishing.com.


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