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Born and raised in Detroit, MI, Tirrell has always been “The Funny Guy”. His earliest and fondest memories are of finding the humor in situations that most could not. During high school a friend told him, “Someday you’re going to make a lot of people laugh.” No truer words have ever been spoken. Tirrell knew that God had placed a calling on his life and he intended to use humor to minister to all classes of people. With that in mind, laughter became the focal point of his ministry; acting; marriage; business and everyday life.

Because of his love and concern for future generations Tirrell gave back to the community serving as Youth Director for Youth for Christ Ministries in October 2000. In this capacity he was faced with the daunting challenge of capturing the attention of a large group of restless, inattentive children and teens. Thus his alter ego, “The Reverend Doctor Deacon Cle-O-Dis was born.

As Tirrell does in character and stand-up comedy, he covers a wide range of topics that anyone can relate to. Performing as the Rev. Doc. Dea. Cle-O-Dis, he can get away with saying things that most “church folk” would dare not and as himself he can further cover everyday subjects ranging from dating to raising children. In December 2006, Cle-O-Dis recorded his first live Comedy DVD entitled, “Laugh Now, Cry Later”. Following up with “Laugh Now, Cry Later, II” in 2007. Being blessed with some ability to sing, Cle-O-Dis can minister to the needs of so many whether it be the high price of gas with his song, “Pay Up” or the fear of churches running out of chicken with his latest hit, “Tell me what we gone fry?” All the songs on the DVD and CD are to encourage and to uplift the soul.

Tirrell has appeared in numerous plays and productions from New York to Florida. But in 2005 he stepped out in faith to start his own production Company, Good Medicine Entertainment (GME) which has allowed him to write, produce and direct three stage plays “Favor”, “Lord, I Believe” and his latest production, “Saints on the Plane”. He has been blessed to share the stage with many national gospel recording artists such as: Kurt Carr; Ricky Dillard; Karen Clark-Sheard; Dorinda Clark-Cole; Dottie Peoples; Vanessa Bell Armstrong; J. Moss and many more. But by far his greatest honor has been to host the “Gospel and Jazz” stage of the 2008 Democratic National Convention where the first African American Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama was elected to run for office.

Although he loves to make people laugh, the first calling on Tirrell’s life is to spread the gospel of his personal Savior, Jesus Christ. He serves as an associate Elder at Seth Temple Church of God in Christ under the leadership of Pastor Philip R. Jackson. The Bible declares that “a merry heart doeth good like medicine”. With his comedic anecdotes and Christ-centered message, Tirrell brings healing to hurting hearts as he spreads the good news through laughter. He is the husband to the beautiful and talented Candice and proud father of two children Whitney “Mooka” and Ashton Tirrell “Buddy”.

 “Comedy is everywhere; you just have to open your eyes”  (Tirrell McCoy)

Booking information: Contact Tirrell McCoy  313-717-8605


Mr. Sanders has been acting for several years on various levels. Willie has been trained in film acting and scene study at the Genittis Theatre by Mr. Gordon Michaels. He is also a graduate of the prestigious Detroit  Repertory Theare. His credits include: BoBo in “A Raisin in the Sun” stage production, The African neighbor in “The Heliopause”stage production, Joe Zates in “Me, You and Bar-B-Que” stage and film production, the nerdy schoolteacher in “Auntie Ronnie Goes to School” stage production, I’m N Luv with a Stripper, in a supporting role.

His film experience includes the film version of ” Me, You and Bar-B-Que”, plus an appearance in “Crave”, a feature film, and “You Don’t Know Jack”, an HBO movie. And his latest feature film is “S.W.A.T: Fire Fight” the movie, that you can download directly to your computer or phone. Mr. Sanders can be reached through his agent, Olga at Productions Plus, 2486445566.




Multi-gifted comedienne, actress, singer and flutist, Crystal P. has been making her way around the entertainment circuit.  Chosen as the Washington DC Regional Finalist for the Gospel Superfest and having been voted Detroit’s New Queen of Comedy by MIX 92.3 WMXD and the Royal Crowned Comedian by FM98 WJLB, Crystal P. returns to My Purpose Production for another round of hilarity and drama.  With comedy being her specialty, Crystal P. has opened for the King of Comedy, Steve Harvey; the P. Diddy’s Bad Boys of Comedy; and has been touring with Jonathan Slocumb’s Cuss-free Comedy Tour, Laughalujah and will be appearing on the Marvin Sapp Ministries Presents He Saw The Jokes in Me Comedy Tour. 

Crossing the border from comedy to acting, Crystal P.’s comedic light was able to shine when she appeared in In My Father’s House and The Night I Fell in Love.  She also appeared in the long-running hit, Unequally Yoked.  However, Crystal P. was able to shut off that light when she demonstrated her ability to be dramatic by recreating the life of Nina Simone.  Crystal P. has appeared on Showtime at the Apollo, Last Comic Standing, Up in the Air and will be featured in the movie, Pawn Shop, alongside comedic great and Saturday Night Live pioneer, Garrett Morris and comedian Joe Torry.  Crystal P. lives by the motto: The purpose of life is to live a life of purpose.  And her favorite scripture is Proverbs 17:22, A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.  Although Crystal P. has toured and performed on big stages and television, she always enjoys and is available for booking for churches, small gatherings and private parties as well.  Visit her website at www.crystalpiscrazy.com.



Have you’ve ever wanted to just have the stage to yourself and express your thoughts, or maybe an experienced that made a different in your life? Make people laugh or encourage them to make a change in their lives. I’ve always wanted to just be on the stage just me and everyone just listened to me. That happened for me when I wrote and performed my one woman stage show Bag Lady.
I wrote the show because I had come from a very deep depression and finally after years of feeling as if I was finally a life. I did look at my purses one day and realize that my purses were just like my body I just stuffed all my emotions inside of me just like I do my purses just pushing things inside not really thinking about what was going inside of me. That’s when I saw a vision of the purses that I had carried though out my life. I actually saw the first purse I carried as a little girl I could see the sadness, fear and angry that I had stuffed away inside of me just like I did that purse I’d carried as a child. I then envision all the bags that I’ve carried though out my life. The pictures of the purses stayed in my mind for days. I saw myself telling my story with the hopes of encouraging other women to let go of the emotions that they had carried for so many years. I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me telling me to go forward and tell my story. After pray and sharing my vision with my confidante and the encouragement from my son and Shawn P. I went forward.
Being on that stage alone was frightened at first but then the thrill took over and I relaxed and just told my story.  I was up there being me that I had dreamed about long ago. The response from the audience was rejuvenating and exciting. I took a deep breath and just enjoyed the moment. I didn’t have to worry about having to share the stage with someone else the pressure of the other person maybe forgetting their part or feeling intimating by someone else performance. It was all on me what a way to too grow up being on stage alone.
Since my experience I feel a little stronger. I feel more assure of myself. I was able to go deep and do something that I’ve only dreamed about doing I walked into my dream. Being on stage alone has helped me be in control of me I believe in myself something I hadn’t felt like in a very long time. I hadn’t had many experiences of doing an actual performance with other performers. There are many challenges that comes with working with others but that’s part of theatre life.  Hey, it’s show biz right and that’s alright too it helps it’s all a learning experience I believe.
I’m so glad I had the experience of doing the show Bag Lady. Many people have come to me and told me that telling my story has helped them to let go and move forward in their lives as well. Being on that stage all to myself and relying on me was a lesson I had to learn. I see my strengths from taking the step and moving forward. It was great up there and having everyone listen to me just me just like I envision it.
Kim Kelsey
There is beauty in each day, there is love in each day.


Blazing out of the block with her debut novel, L.A. Jefferson deliver a magnificent story of love, lies, and struggles as one woman fights the power of her heart to resist the wrong man.  The main character, Lydia, leaps off the page as real life as you can get.  She’s addicted to a selfish, self-serving man and sacrifices herself and soul to get him out of her system.  You may not agree with Lydia’s decision, but the reward certainly comes in the end with this wonderfully written tale. 

Author’s Website: http://www.lajefferson.blogspot.com

Books available on author’s website or Amazon.com

About this author:

LA Jefferson is ecstatic to finally be debuting her novel, Unfinished Business, to the reading public. An avid reader since childhood, LA knew there was a story within her. It was only a matter of finding time between pursuing her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business, raising two children, and working fulltime. But she finally made it happen! Currently, LA resides in Michigan and is hard at work on her next project.

Read excerpt at: http://lajefferson.blogspot.com/p/unfinished-business-excerpt.html


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