40 and Fine!

Happy New Year!! What’s your goals for the year? Act more! Direct a play! A short movie? Or a music video? Produce a play, a song, or a television show? Whatever you decide to do this year – just do it!


Keep Drama in Your Life,


Shawn P.

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L-Boogie Speaks…



Seasons’ Greeting!

 The Detroit local theater season is off to a great start. Congratulations to the playwrights who have brought their productions back for an encore performance. This means that the theater patrons are enjoying your productions, so keep putting those awesome plays out there! Having said that, let’s move on to the topic at hand: actor/actress etiquette, which some of them lack. Actors/actresses need to present themselves in a more professional capacity. I would like to share a few ideas based on my personal experiences in working with actor/actress clientele.

As an actor/actress looking to be hired you should:

1. Remain professional at all times AND adhere to the contents of your contract. If your contract lists the dates, location, & time of your rehearsal, then it is YOUR responsibility to show up on time. Should you need to be absent or tardy to rehearsal, be professional and call in advance.

2. Commit yourself to ONE production at a time. If you have 17 other projects you’re working on, then that would be inconsiderate of you, to ALL of you productions. It is impossible to give the best of your talents to multiple projects. It is better for you, and your cast if you focus on one production at a time.

3. Lose the “I’m a better performer than you” attitude! No one likes to work with Diva’s, both women and MEN. Believe me, in this industry, news of your “Diva-ism” travels quickly and your name may end up being “No Call Back”, besides, NO one will hire you, so stay humble.

4. When auditioning, please present your bio, and head shot. Your bio should contain your acting experiences and all of your contact information, including you email address.

5. Last but not least, remember, no one knows what the future holds! Please don’t get an attitude if your director assigns your role to an understudy, or if you are asked to understudy. It’s only a precaution and does not take away from your acting capabilities.

Just a few thoughts to keep in mind. When a cast is full of great talent, professionalism and the chemistry between the cast is good, then I guarantee the production will be a success! Until next time, “act up and show out”.

Lanette M. White, Writer/Consultant
Lanette a.k.a LBoogie is R3born


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Deangelo Lemmons was born in Detroit, Michigan and has had acting in his blood since the age of twelve. Since age eighteen he has been on a hot pursuit to become the best there is, was and ever will be in the acting industry;  training under instructors such as Christopher Bondy at the D.A.S (Dramatic Arts Studio) and currently film legend Lonette McKee. Also displaying his skills in numerous local stage plays and Indy film projects. Now at the age of 24 Deangelo’s quest for success is looking brighter than ever and with GOD and a consistent passion to be the best, Mr. Lemmons knows there is nothing to do but rise to the top!

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Cynthia Stanfield is a native of Detroit, Michigan and is heavily involved in her church as a praise and worship leader, praise dance/mime leader and youth director.  Her multiple talents include:  singing, dancing, miming, and acting.  She has sung with Mark Holley and 1-A-Cord, where she was blessed to lead the song “He’ll Bring You Out” on the group’s freshman album.  She is currently a background singer for several up-and-coming gospel/Christian artists, while working on her own solo album.

Cynthia has also been blessed to act in: the gospel musical “Left Behind”, played the leading role in the hit gospel comedy “Aunt Ronnie Goes to School” and Lanette White’s “Saving Mama”, T.J. Hemphill’s “Lord, All Men Can’t be Dogs”, and recently, leading lady for Burse Productions’ “If You Don’t Want It, Don’t Ask for It: Confessions of a Married Man”.  A true, soulful entertainer at heart, Cynthia is sure to capture your heart with her smile, voice, warmth and humor.  This talented young woman can be reached at cstanfie@hotmail.com or at (313) 550-9047.

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Vanessa Lynn (Writer, Producer, and Visionary). In just a few short years, Vanessa Lynn has begun to make a major mark in the world of urban and inspirational entertainment.  With her distinct style of detailed suspenseful type writing, she has created a brand that is uniquely all her own and very recognizable.

Vanessa’s theatrical writing career began in 1995, but due to discouragement, her dreams stayed on hold for nearly 11 years, until plagued by personal tragedy, she was inspired to re-visit her writing career in the midst of a really dark place in her life; truly a “beauty from ashes” situation.  Through many trials that included lack of funds and transportation, experience and even support, her first play “Unequally Yoked” debuted in August 2006 and was an instant hit.  Unequally Yoked has since run four consecutive years of “back by popular demand” performances and has recently been released on DVD.

Since Unequally Yoked, there have been several ground-breaking shows including: “Affairs” a murder mystery set in rural Louisiana that was labeled a “game changer” for including elements such as police work and forensics; “Deranged” a comedy suspense thriller; and Angela Burrow-Dunlap’s “Church Girl” (contributing writer) the hit national touring stage play to name a few.  Vanessa has also produced several short film projects.  Shows and films currently in preproduction include: “Momma”, “The Call”, “Boss Lady”, “Pretty Young Thing”, “Identity Theft”, and a revised version of “Affairs.”

In addition to writing, Vanessa serves as Executive Director of “Urban Playwrights United”, a national nonprofit organization that educates and supports writers in the urban/gospel genre, she also works with several nonprofit organizations that house homeless and drug addicted adults, visits various high schools with her dynamic presentation “Careers in Entertainment” and hosts a business seminar “Dust that Dream off the Shelf.”  Her greatest achievements however, are her two adult daughters, both of whom have skills in the entertainment industry.

A much sought after speaker, script and content writer, and theater consultant, Vanessa Lynn is truly one of the most recognizable up and coming faces in the urban entertainment world!  For more information on this phenomenal woman visit her website at http://www.vanessalynn.info

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Shawn P.,

Your newsletter is excellent. Very professional-looking. You should be proud of yourself.  I can’t wait until WE ALL make it BIG TIME!

Kim M.


Hey Shawn,

I appreciate your promoting Sista Ketchup.  You are sewing seed into others.  Keep going and keep doing. Your break-through is soon to come.

Monique aka Sista Ketchup


WOW…Praise God!! What a blessing to make it to the age of “40” drug-free, not in jail, not selling dope or living a life of crime…My hats off to you “Mr. Shawn P” 4 always being such a self-made, positive, productive part of our city, the youth, and churches.  Much luv and respect my brutha.  I luv u man!!!!!!!!

Tameka Thurmond