It’s almost over.  Summertime.  The plays are rolling all over Detroit and beyond.  I know people attend stage productions year around.  As a great wise man said to me, “This is show business.” Let’s start handling the business part.  Which means returning phones calls, promoting our productions, paying our actors, reading the scripts, learning our lines, attending workshops, and positive interaction with one another.  Spread Love!

Keep Drama in Your Life!

Shawn P.



Kim McKissack is a talented and versatile actress from Detroit with stage and film credits on her growing resume.  Her movie credits include Stephen Spielberg’s “Real Steel”, the Lifetime Television movie “Prayers for Bobby” and “Red Dawn.”  Kim’s passion for acting has landed her opportunities in a television commercial for the State of Michigan, an informational DVD for the Michigan Nurses Association and a role in a sales training video for EDS.  She has showcased her acting talents on stage in several theatrical productions including the Michigan Opera Theatre’s performance of “Don Pasquale.”  Kim was recently cast in the gospel stage play, “Sisters of the Word”, and has portrayed the feisty, southern-talking waitress in “If Only You Knew” in the both Detorit and Atlanta performances.  Kim appeared in Mafeeko Productions’ stage play, “Forever the Same”, where she portrayed multiple roles including the pastor’s wife and a praise dancer.  Additionally, she lends her acting talents to the Standardized Patient Program at Wayne State University’s School of Medicine where she portrays patients in various clinical scenarios for the coaching and testing of medical students.  Kim loves photography and traveling.  She is an avid adventurer and has traveled to 12 countries around the globe.


Carlos Mayes graduated from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in 2006 and began a career in radio at Clear Channel Radio.  FM 98 WJLB is where he rediscovered his love for acting has since been in multiple projects from theater, film, TV and hosting.  Carlos recently appeared in the hit stage plays “Deranged” and “Unequally Yoked.”  He also has a film and short coming out this year entitled “Internals.”  You can see highlights at catch22boyzz.com and “The Promotion” can be viewed in youtube.com.  Carlos is well on his way.


On August 8, several friends and I attended the stage play Unequally Yoked held at Wayne State’s Community Arts Auditorium.  The play is written by Vanessa Lynn (part of the duo that produced the hit stage play “Church Girl”) and is in its fourth annual run.  Based upon the success of “Church Girl” I was expecting nothing but greatness and I wasn’t disappointed.  Everything from the opening scene to the final line was good.  The short and simple plot focused on a church woman having to choose between two men.  You know how it goes, there’s the one brother who’s trying to live and do right versus the brother steeped in sin and twice as hard to resist. 

I try to support local playwrights and as such I attend quite a few locally-produced productions.  What I’ve noticed is that sometimes they fall short.  There are times when the writing is good but the actors fail to translate the vision and vice versa.  I have seen sets that needed better designing and survived poorly rendered songs.  And hey, that’s okay because community theater is where you develop your chops before you make it to Broadway.  However, this production found the right formula with great writing, acting, singing and overall presentation. The entire cast was talented, but I especially enjoyed D.W. Bass who provided comedic relief as a bartender and the church gossips (Lena Hill and Lunita Willis) kept the crowd rollin’.  I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Lawanda Star who always seems to leave her best on the stage. 

Between the jokes and great lines was the timeless message that you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover.  Or as I often say, “Every saint has a past and a every sinner has a future.”  Ms. Vanessa provided us an evening of good entertainment with a twist and I can’t wait to see what next year’s production brings.  That’s my view; I Said It, Now What?!?





Thank you very much for the opportunity to be in the play, “I’m in Love with a Stripper.”  I enjoyed every minute of the learning experience.  I hope we will work together again. – Sondra Scott


Hi Shawn,

I am so excited for you.  God is moving in your life and He is giving me things like this too.  I can’t stop smiling because I am so happy for you.  Shawn you have to get more exposure, oh my God I love it!!  I am going to come to every one of these plays if I can and tell everyone I know about them.  I will forward them through my email listing.  Praise God! – Tracy Hull


We’re sorry we were not able to attend this production, but will make every effort to attend future events.  You have the right idea.  We must support one another.  Wishing you much success and willing to help. – C. Massey, Love Alive LLC


Very nice Shawn.  Good information and you can read it.    Thanks for all you do and have done for the youth in our community. – Joy  DeForrest


Nice newsletter!  Great Job!! – Cynthia Stanfield


Very Beautiful and Professional Newsletter. – 1sammie02