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Shawn with a member of Hot Sauce

Thanks to all the people that have been praying for me and my family. The lost of my mother, Regina Williams, has been very hurtful, but the joy of the people and the love from you all has given me the will power to go on. Keep praying for me as I continue to pray for you.

“Keep Drama In Your Life”



A Theatre Jewel

SHIRLEY RAYFORD born in Atlanta, GA is a member of Unity Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan and serves under the leadership of Reverend Scotts.  Shirley sings in the choir and is a member of the Busy Bee Club.  She has been the recipient of numerous accolades.

Shirley has been acting locally and abroad for a number of years and is proud to be associated with Shawn P. Entertainment.

Shirley is currently the  business manager for Simply Me Productions based in Atlanta, GA. Simply Me Productions will be producing the new hit gospel/comedy play “IF ONLY HE KNEW” where Shirley will reprise her role as the funny and witty Ms. Jenkins. The production will be in Detroit, Michigan on April 24-25 at 7:00 at the Wayne State University Community Arts Theatre (Cass and Kirby).

A Young Man on the Move!

Albert Glendon DeForrest

313.892.6065/ 313.743.1945

Albert is currently a high school student attending the Lifeskills Center in Detroit, MI.  Albert is known for his ambitions, motivation, intelligence and comical demeanor.   Albert grew up in the St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church where he sang with the Children’s and Young Adult Choir.   He has also performed in Youth Plays with St. Paul AME Church (Jesus of Nazarus), Peace Missionary Baptist Church (Prayer for the Homeless) and he recently performed in “Auntie Ronnie Goes to School” and “Noah’s Ark” with Shawn P. Production/Entertainment Troup.

When Albert isn’t performing he volunteers with Detroit Parent Network as a Youth Leader, Karmano’s Breast Cancer Walk, Campaign Assistant, United Way Special Project Youth, Wayne State University-Commencement Ambassador, Ralph Bunche Summer Program Camp Asst., College of Engineering Youth Asst., make-up artist for other productions and attends the Youth Education Appropriations Sessions at the State Capitol. Albert’s hobbies consist of singing, dancing, bowling, reading, computers, video game tournaments, and striving to make a difference amongst his peers.


A One-Woman Phenom!

Kim Kelsey has been described as a creative, funny, rich, wise woman who supports and encourages others though humor.  Kim is a woman with a dream that was drowned by years of sadness, disappointment and shame. She carried these heavy emotions with her for years until she was able to let go and move toward her dream of performing.

Kim’s dream came to fruition when she made her theatrical debut in Canada performing in “Dancin’ Shoes”, a thirty minute skit about her life. Kim says, “Every one of us have a story to tell and I believe that my story can encourage others to let go and move forward to reach their full potential.”

The one-woman show “Bag Lady” came to Kim as a way of reaching those who are hurting inside. She saw the purses that she had carried throughout her life and in her mind they represented all those emotions that she had stuffed within. “I know many of us are carrying bags that keep us from living the dream that dwells inside.  It’s time to let go and move forward that’s what my show is all about,” says Kim.

When she’s not performing she works as a paraprofessional at Vista Meadows High school in Dearborn Heights. Kim enjoys crocheting, designing cards, and watching television.  She is currently in the process of writing her autobiography and looking forward to having it published.

Kim says, “I am living some wonderful dreams and enjoying the journey as I look forward to more dreams coming true.”


June 5 @ St. Matthew's Church - Tickets start at $10

If you want to go to the level - take this workshop!


Hello, Mr. Williams! I had an awesome time on yesterday! You certainly know how to direct, you are prompt, and you are very business like and that is a plus.  I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to show my talent.  I look forward to working with you soon! May GOD Bless you and may he keep you!  Here are the items you requested from me.
Monique Foster aka Sister Ketchup, Christian Comedic Actress


Congrats Shawn on your next event.  I am always happy to see what you’re up too.  I am trying to be up that way for my spring break.  If I don’t make it then you know I will definitely be up there in the summer.  Next time I’m in Detroit I will be sure to call you when I get there.  Keep on doing what you do.  May God continue to bless and strengthen you daily for your calling.

Peace, Gina (your down-south homegirl)
Regina “Gina” RagsdaleRight-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Actress, Comedian, Singer


Good to see you are still doing your thang Shawn. I be so busy with my real estate, church, and studio, I never have time to email or check out any of your productions. Maybe time will permit this year. Happy New Year and stay up.

Morris “MO” Porter


I enjoyed the newsletter – lots of good comments and info.
Hopefully, I can come out and support your events in 2010.

Hump The Grinder