January/February 2010

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Seasons Greetings! Hope everyone is having a great start in 2010. I’m anticipating great things this year not just for me but for everyone. Last year had its successes and some disappointments. It has been a difficult struggle for some and for me as well but we made it through, thank God! But, there were some beautiful times as well.

Our Murray-Wright high school 20 year..(yes I said 20 year) reunion, was the highlight of the year. It was a blessing to see old classmates I haven’t seen in 20 years and everybody looked great! We are still a good looking class even after 20 years, and it was definitely a blessed time. Congratulations to fellow Pilots: Charles Pugh, for being elected the “New” president of the Detroit City Council and to Reginald “Reggie Reg” Davis, for his election to the Wayne County Commissioners Office. Go Pilots!

The next blessed event was the return of my Saving Mama stage production sponsored by SADA’S HOUSE, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping and assisting victims of domestic abuse. The production opened at the Wayne State Community Arts Theater in October, and had a fabulous performance and turn out. Thank you to all those who supported, and partial proceeds were donated to SADA’S HOUSE. Thank you to Katrina Carmichael for all of her hard work and dedication to this organization and the production.


The next production Step ~N~ The Name Of Love will be opening March 6, at 7:00 p.m. at the Wayne State Community Arts Theater, 450 Reuther Mall. This “dancational” performance is centered around the Ballroom/Hustle movement, packed with plenty of comedy, dancing and a dance-off competition between two rival club owners. The club owners are battling for a piece of property and decide to settle things with an old school vs. new school step-off! This play is sure to entertain, and gives the audience a chance to be involved! You don’t want to miss this one. Tickets are $15 dollars and discounts are available for the first 30 playwrights/writers, producers and fellow thespians. To receive this discount you must go to the website www.necwerkproductions.com and leave your information on the “Contact Us” page. Remember discounts will only be given to the first 30 who fill out a contact submission form.  More great things are in store for this year so keep in touch and keep reading the newsletters for updates.

Congratulations to those who made the cut and were selected for the Angela Barrow-Dunlap/ Terry Lewis’ production of He Lives scheduled to open some time in 2010.

Don’t forget to visit the website www.necwerkproductions.com for updates or contact me: creativemynd71@yahoo.com. I’m praying and believing that in 2010, bigger and better things are in store and those things the enemy has stolen will be restored.

Peace unto you all!

P.S. – Remember these are very difficult times as we deal with a failing economy, foreclosures, war, corrupt politics, natural disasters, failing educational systems and spiritual and demonic influences on every level.

Some of us don’t have much but together we have more than enough, so reach out and help those in need. Don’t worry about what you don’t have, God has more than enough and will provide for those who believe and trust him. We are praying for Shawn P. Williams and all those who lost loved ones this past year. Once again, thank you and peace always.


Lanette a.k.a LBoogie is R3born

From Shawn P.’s desk…

A huge “Thank You” to all the parents and J. Jireh Productions for putting on an awesome youth production, Noah’s Ark.  Parents get your children ready for more productions in the future.  Vendors please turn in your information and money ASAP, because business owners are coming to me everyday with great ideas and money.  Also, please buy your tickets as early as possible as we need your support.

Keep Drama in Your Life,

Shawn P.

Shawn Hanging with Some Friends

We would like to acknowledge Elijah El’ Shabazz

Actor,musician, and writer has been performing in various stage plays for several years. Elijah was a last minute replacement in the hit play Church Folks?! and has been the “go to” guy for Shawn P. Williams Productions ever since.  Keep your eyes on Elijah because he’s a talent on the rise.

In an effort to support each other’s talents and projects we also want to acknowledge local playwrights and writers.  This month’s spotlight shines on actress/writer and new playwright, Octavia “The Writer” Lesley.  Octavia, a native Detroiter, has been writing since elementary school.  Her talents have been showcased in local newspapers and other publications.  Besides writing, Octavia has always had a love for theater and in 2008 she returned to the local stage in a Tammy Parker production, If You Only Knew. Since that initial performance Octavia has appeared in several productions including a liturgical dance presentation at the Music Hall, a couple of fashion shows, and a locally sponsored weigh-loss competition.  However, her love for acting has been challenged by her love for writing and at the end of 2009 she completed her first stageplay, Sisters of the Word.  Look for this stirring production to hit a local stage in late May/early June of this year.  To keep tabs on this up-and-coming phenom, please visit her website:  www.biggirlideas.webs.com.  BTW, you can check out her acting skills in the upcoming Burse Productions stageplay, If You Don’t Want It, Don’t Ask For It in March.

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A Director’s Dream Production presents…

Honor and Shame – Despised by Day, Loved by Night. This production is a collection of stories, historical events, depictions and imagery of African-Americans in film, music, and print as told by Willie Lynch.

February 20, 2010 at 2:30 and 7:00 p.m.

International Institute, 111 E. Kirby, Detroit, Michigan  48202

Tickets are $15 and group sales are available.

The Height of My Career

March 27, 2010 at 2:30 and 7:00 p.m.

International Institute, 111 E. Kirby, Detroit, Michigan  48202

Tickets are $15 and group sales are available.

Love Don’t Hit (Marriage and love leads to emotions without spiritual guidance)

May 1, 2010 at 2:30 and 7:00 p.m.

International Institute, 111 E. Kirby, Detroit, Michigan  48202

Tickets are $15 and group sales are available.

Grays, No Shade

May 29, 2010 at 2:30 and 7:00 p.m.

International Institute, 111 E. Kirby, Detroit, Michigan  48202

Tickets are $15 and group sales are available.


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Hello Shawn,

You have really stepped up your game.  I am proud of you for going to the next level.  NOW it is time for a website for shawnpentertainment productions that’s next.  The website will hold clips of your plays and a great place for marketing.  There are websites that are free….. have one created for you…..just a suggestion.

Remember when you did not want this email address I created for you and now look…. this is has been your avenue of communications….. don’t stop here!


I look forward to seeing your website so I can access your upcoming workshops, plays and other events without waiting on an email.






Hey Shawn,


I didn’t know you went to Murray-Wright!  I’m a Pilot too.  I haven’t forgotten about you.  I’ve been kind of busy this month.  Have you heard about Kresge Arts in Detroit?


Get back with me.


Brenda McGee




Thanks. This is an excellent idea. Let’s do this more.


R. E. Mitchell III


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